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Vogue Hair and Spa uses the best quality wax and waxing strips that cause minimal pain, soreness or any other inflammation on your skin at the same time achieving the best epilation.

Waxing is essentially a method of epilation that removes hair from the root. Cheap products available in the market fails to do exactly that.

We want you to feel confident about the treatment when you choose any of our waxing services and be reset assured that the experience will be a pleasant one.

We use two kinds of wax which after much research at our end has been brought up to the customer.

Normal Honey Bee Wax:

Honey Bee Wax is a natural wax produced by honey bees of the genus Apis. It is a standard wax used for hair removal for years.


Rica Wax:

It is a natural wax from Italy made of Vegetable Oil as base which is further combined with Glyceryl Rosinate (extract from the plants).

That is to say, Rica wax is much more cultured and refined making it easy on the skin leading to less pain and quality hair removal.

What is more important is, it is a very vital determining factor for tan removal.

Furthermore, it also takes care for people who have sensitive skin avoiding burns, inflammation and soreness. Its other benefits include delayed hair growth eventually resulting into less hair growth, soft and thin hair growth against rough and thick hair caused by razors and hair removal creams and lotions. It also ends up acting as a skin softening agent.

We recommend you to come and try various flavours that are available for your different moods and skin types :

  • White Chocolate Wax
  • Aloe Vera Wax
  • Chocolate Wax
  • Strawberry Wax
  • Coconut Wax
  • Green Apple Wax
  • Banana Wax