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Bridal | Pre Bridal | Wedding | Groom | Bridesmaid Packages in The Best Beauty Parlour of Pune

The Bride

Come and soak yourself into a complete luxury and extravagance of Vogue Hair and Spa: Relax, rejuvenate, indulge and unwind with us during your Wedding ceremonies!

You would be lying to yourself if you said you haven’t been dreaming of the Perfect Wedding Day!

The Indian wedding being The Great Indian Wedding, there is no surprise that every bride aspires to be “The Perfect Indian Bride”.

As much as it is a day of celebration, it is the day of nerves and apprehensions. The last-minute rushes, gasping to make it to the Mahurat on one hand and maintaining that perfect killer look on the other.

You have your ideal wedding look ready in your mind and crafting it to reality is what we do at Vogue Hair and Spa: Transforming you from a Dady’s Girl to a Man’s Pride in the most beautiful and classy, yet a subtle way.

A Bridal look that speaks of elegance and style, for itself, is something that we at Vogue Hair and Spa expertise in doing.

Pre-Bridal, Bridal and Post-Wedding Packages

A wedding is not just a one-day affair, but a ceremony that lasts at least for a week starting from Pre-wedding ceremonies to Mehendi to Reception to Post wedding ceremonies.

With this in mind, we at Vogue Hair and Spa have tailored our Pre-Bridal, Bridal and Post-Wedding Packages to suit all your essential requirements. Our packages will help you evolve with your looks with each ceremony, grooming in a way that will help you experience the enhancements, regardless.

Our in salon, grooming packages of treatments and services will surely help you look lovely all through the most memorable days of your life!

If you would like a professional touch to your Bridal look, throughout the celebrations, then your search ends with Vogue Hair and Spa.

Pre-Bridal, Bride And Post Wedding services at the Top Salon in Pune
Bride and Bridesmaid services at the best beauty parlour near you

The Bride and the Bridesmaids

Incidentally no wedding can be complete without the bride’s girl gang and we at Vogue Hair and Spa make sure to use this special day to give a lifetime of memories to the Bride and the Bridesmaids by extending our specialty services to their special friends and relatives.

Subsequently we have designed such inclusive packages that will not falter to pamper the bridesmaids enough with the bride herself.

To put it briefly, it will be a complete treat from head to toe that will leave your friends and relatives soaked in complete extravagance.

The Bride and Her Groom

It is a Wedding and to say nothing of that Special Man, who holds the attention of the bride at all the times, would not be fair. Yes, we are talking about the Groom !

At Vogue Hair and Spa, a Groom is literally handheld in a way that compliments his aura in the most masculine way. The journey from a Man to a Groom will be one of his most delightful and enthralling experiences.

A perfect blend of the Bride and Groom is brought in with various treatments and services that facilitate a perfect mixture of style and beauty, of elegance and masculinity, of exuberance and poise.

We have a team of experts who understands your needs well and work on your desired requirements to take you closer on your Perfect Day.

In other words, the particulars of your wish list is something that we at Vogue Hair and Spa have taken care of while designing all the service and treatment packages for the Groom as well!

Groom services at the best Salon near you